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Office Milk Delivery Service For Manchester

We supply our milk from your local diary via a ultra reliable team of milk men and women ensuring that your office fridge keeps topped up!

Our corporate office milk delivery service is hassle free making the management of your milk supply really easy and convenient.

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Poly Bottles

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Fresh Orange

Soya Milk

Soya Milk

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Milk Dispenser

How do you want your office milk?

Milk can be delivered in most areas in either Glass milk bottles, poly milk bottles or, for the larger office we can supply milk dispensers. We offer a choice of non-dairy alternatives for your office including Soya, Almond, Coconut and Oat milk plus fresh Orange Juice.

A Great Choice of Milk Delivered to your Office

We offer a great range of milk for your office. Alongside the traditional Semi-skimmed Milk, Whole Milk and Skimmed Milk our range also includes : Almond, Soya and Lactose Free. We work with a network of local dairy partners and deliver milk to offices in Manchester, Warrington, Oldham, Stockport, Blackburn and Bury. 

We can also service office nationally via – The UK’s Office Milk Delivery Network. 

Milk from your local dairy to your office

Our milk is sourced and delivered locally, keeping food miles and our carbon footprint low. 

Delivery to your office is free. We deliver Monday to Friday in all major towns and cities and twice per week in all other areas.

Corporate Milk Delivery

Local Milk – UK Wide Delivery
As part of – the UK’s national milk delivery network we deliver milk straight to your office from your local dairy so we keep food miles down whilst reducing our carbon footprint and helping the local economy.

Delivery to your office is free. We deliver Monday to Friday in all major towns and cities.

One Monthly Invoice & Multi-Site Delivery

Fresh milk delivered free to your office, business, care home or nursery straight from your local dairy. Various options of packaging are available including traditional glass bottles, poly bottles or cartons. If you are a high user of milk we can also supply milk pergals and milk dispensers.

Area of Delivery?

We deliver milk throughout Greater Manchester and surrounding areas including Warrington, Stockport, Oldham, Blackburn and Bury to name just a few!

If you are a large business please contact us, we are able to offer preferential pricing on larger milk delivery orders. 

We deliver milk, fruit and groceries to your office

In addition to fruit our office fruit boxes and fruit baskets which we also deliver to all major cities including London, Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Nottingham, Newcastle and Leeds we can deliver, groceries, fruit juices and a range of healthy snacks. Make your office a happy and healthy one.

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