Manchester Office Fruit Deliveries

Office Fruit Delivery in Manchester and Liverpool, a local family business delivering fruit baskets to offices, businesses and workplaces throughout the North West including Manchester, Liverpool, Warrington, Runcorn, and surrounding areas. 

We also deliver nationally via our network of local fruit partners

To make your life even easier, milk can also be delivered straight from a local dairy. 

Make us your first choice for office fruit delivery

It’s understandable enough that over the course of a long and hard day in the office, some of your staff could end up snacking on fatty and sugary treats.

However, add up such less-than-optimal ‘comfort eating’ over weeks and months, and it could have a rather detrimental effect on your workers’ wellbeing, energy levels and productivity.  

But of course, your employees eating well isn’t just something that they should ensure they do – it’s also something you should care about, as their employer. This is where our complete, convenient and competitively priced office fruit delivery service comes in.

The Fruitier - Manchester

The Fruitier is a family business that specialises in the delivery of fruit baskets to offices and other workplaces throughout Manchester and the North West of England.

We regularly deliver fruit to offices in such parts of the region as Manchester, Liverpool and Warrington, helping to make employees in these areas happier and healthier. This, in turn, enables them to stay energised so that they can provide their very best performances for their organisations.

milk delivery

Office Milk

Our milk is locally sourced, keeping food miles low, and comes directly from the dairy. We can supply a whole range of products for the office from traditional milk or speciality milk such as Soya and Almond along with other office essentials. Available in Poly or Glass Milk Bottles. We offer competitive pricing on larger orders. Please get in touch. 

Give your employees the finest fruit!

There are so many things that have helped to make us one of the top suppliers of fruit baskets to offices around the North West.

The fruit itself is the star of the show. It’ll always be fresh when it arrives at your workplace, and we choose varieties grown for taste rather than an immaculate appearance.

You also get a choice about what your fruit is delivered in – a reusable office fruit basket or a fully recyclable display unit. Oh, and the delivery itself – from our North West base – is free.

Office Fruit Baskets

Delivered daily, weekly or fortnightly our fruit deliveries are bursting with juicy seasonal fruits. We offer an ultra reliable service, ensuring your office never runs out of fruit again!

No Contracts – 100% Flexibility

You may cancel your fruit order at anytime, we just ask for a couple of days notice to avoid food waste. Unlike others, we don’t tie you into rolling agreements that are difficult to cancel.

Great Value

We offer discounts on larger orders and only supply Grade A fruit. Any surplus or graded fruit is donated to local homeless charities and food banks.

Looking for a larger order?

If your are buying fruit for multiple sites or locations, or ordering multiple boxes for the same location we have various options available – not only can we offer very competitive pricing but we also offer consolidated invoices for all your sites.